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Workshop on Environmentally Sound Waste Management and Cleaner Production in Rwanda at Kigali Serena Hotel (31 March 2009)

The Workshop on Environmentally Sound Waste Management and Cleaner Production in Rwanda was organised by Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre and was held on 31 March 2009 at Kigali Serena Hotel, Rwanda. The workshop was opened by the Minister for Infrastructure (MININFRA), Hon. Eng. Linda Bihire and was attended by more than 100 participants from the ministries, districts, private and public sectors and UN agencies.

From left to right, there is Mr.Kalenzi Emmanuel (Head of Unido Operations), Hon.Eng.Linda Bihire (Ministry ofInfrastructure), Mr. Aurelian Agbenonci (the UNDP ResidentRepresentative),Mr. Anthony Ohemeng-Boamah (the UNDP Country Representative).


From left to right, we have Dr. Musemakweri John (UNDP,head of Environment Unity), Dr. Jan Gajowski (UNIDO, Project Manager), Eng. Daniel Kehrer (Wat Engineering), Henri Esseqquat (UNDP, energy officer)

The opening session of workshop was facilitated by Mr. Emmanuel Kalenzi, Head of UNIDO Operations in Rwanda, who welcomed the participants to the workshop and introduced the Minister, guests from UNIDO and UNDP. He thanked all those who made the workshop a reality. He outlined the objectives of the workshop and the expected outputs. Mr. Aurelian Agbenonci, the UNDP Resident Representative, emphasized the importance of using the 3R initiatives (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in waste management and the importance of role sharing of all stakeholders. He outlined the participation and role of the different UN agencies in waste management under the One UN Programming.

The Hon. Eng. Linda Bihire, the Minister for Infrastructure, officially opened the worked and informed the workshop participants that Rwanda has declared its commitment to sound environmental policies and to translate this into action, we are out to mobilise partnerships to have the policies implemented. She was glad with UNIDO and the UN in general that they have already responded to Government’s call on promoting environmentally sound waste management and cleaner production. She called for participation of all stakeholders in this noble cause. The Minister’s expectations from the workshop included:

  • Increased awareness about waste management and cleaner production across all the stakeholders.
  • Sharing experiences.
  • Enhancing synergy.
  • Fruitful discussions and practical recommendations from the workshop.

VClick to view the Report on Workshop on Environmentally Sound Waste Management and Cleaner Production in Rwanda at Kigali