Monday, 26 June 2017
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In environment and health issue, chemicals can cause the problems such as eutrophication and algae growth from Nitrate. Heavy metal affects a lot the microorganisms in water bodies or in the soil.

The chemical management in industries is important to avoid any immediate exposure or any disease such as cancer.
Spills or waste chemical inventories are necessary in order to take the mitigation measures before any risk.
With cleaner production program, chemical thematic is being and will be continue to be discussed in order to change or share information concerning to chemical risk prevention.
It is required to monitor or assess from the production, transport, handling and use of chemicals, especially the workers who are exposed to chemicals have to be sensitized on safety management.

The best practice, where it is possible, toxic substances and by products are to be avoided at the source can be recycled. If it is not possible, the best option is to incinerate it and dispose it.