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As defined by UNEP, 2010, Waste is a substance or any object which is disposed of or intended to be disposed of or required to be disposed of by the provisions of national law.

Where is Waste coming from?

May be the waste is generated during the extraction, the processing of raw materials or during the final products.
It is excluded any waste which can be recycled or reused. Waste can be solid, liquid with non product output. For example, automated chemical technology for control of chemical feed to minimize any drop of waste.

Hazardous and toxic waste is wastes which possess certain hazardous characteristics, like explosive, corrosive ect….
Due to the negative impacts on human health and the environment in general, it is required to have an adequate strategic program to reliable waste management. Using Cleaner Production Approach, the waste is avoided or reduced at source and the generated waste has to be reused or recycled for further purposes.

Resource efficiency is encouraged into industries, because it ensures the natural resource to produce, process, and consume in more sustainable manner.