Monday, 26 June 2017
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Water is highly considered in industries where the water consumption associated with activities in production phase measured in order to know if it used efficiently. Rwanda Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production will be focused on the awareness raising on utilization of water because it considers it as the main option of education for sustainable development. Beside to this, water is everything (life, food, drinks, economy, energy, ect…). Some countries, clean fresh water is challenge and other countries suffered from flooding due to the lack of the best option to water resource management.
Using cleaner production option, the water can be saved efficiently as result, the cost of water during the production phase will be reduced. Behavior change in using less water is required because it can contribute also indirect on the reduction of the energy cost and on the emission reduction.
Cleaner Production Approach gives the best practices on water saving (conserve water and repair all the leaking pipes)