Monday, 26 June 2017
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In Resource efficient and cleaner production, when we talk about the energy, we focus a lot Energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means all changes that product in a reduction in the energy spent for a given energy service (lighting, heating,…).

During the day, some lighting points were switch on, there is wastage of power due to the use of light at unnecessary points.

The reduction, sometime is caused by technical changes (e.g by replacing the old equipment by the new), by a suitable organization and management (e.g a good service planning reduce the waste time and this contribute a lot on energy consumption,..).
In energy issue, the energy production from renewable energy sources on-site is important because it is continually replenished and will never run out (e.g wind and energy).
Recently, United Nations Industrial Development Organization through Rwanda Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Programme initiated in collaboration with COPED sarl the project of Eco-Briquettes Products from different solid waste such as saw dust, rice and maize husks. These products are now available and they can be used by schools, hospital, factories, prisons and other institutions which use the high furnace or high stoves.

Regarding to Industrial ecology and energy, the use less energy is crucial in design/ redesign or operational phase in the manufacture area. The impact assessment of the utilization of energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in industries is recommended in order to improve the economical and environmental benefits.