Monday, 26 June 2017
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Thematic Area


In Resource efficient and cleaner production, when we talk about the energy, we focus a lot Energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means all changes that product in a reduction in the energy spent for a given energy service Read More


Water is highly considered in industries where the water consumption associated with activities in production phase measured in order to know if it used efficiently. Rwanda Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production will be Read More


May be the waste is generated during the extraction, the processing of raw materials or during the final products. It is excluded any waste which can be recycled or reused. Waste can be solid, liquid with non product output.Read More


In environment and health issue, chemicals can cause the problems such as eutrophication and algae growth from Nitrate. Heavy metal affects a lot the microorganisms in water bodies or in the soil.Read More


In cleaner production, the light weighting option is recommended. Waste reduction in production process as well as the recycling of post consumption waste material back into production contributing to material efficiency.Read More