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Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is a preventive environmental strategy led by UNIDO and UNEP that is currently active in 47 countries. As a cornerstone both UNEP’s and UNIDO’s work towards a green economy and on green industry respectively, the Programme focuses on addressing the low productivity and high pollution intensity of industries in developing countries. It works with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to prevent generation of wastes and harmful emissions, and enhance the productive use of resources.

This will be done by building a contemporary learning network of professionals trained in RECP techniques; assisting SMEs to implement RECP measures through use of practical demonstrations; developing and mainstreaming policy strategy, and enhancement of national capacity to facilitate the transfer, adaptation and replication of environmentally sound technologies.

Rwanda as a country, with its rapid economic growth and its plan to become a regional business hub, presents an opportunity to make these key strategic interventions while the economy is still in transition.

In 2005/2006, a pilot Cleaner Production Programme was organized in Rwanda by UNEP and REMA. It introduced the Cleaner Production concept in nine Rwandan enterprises, and conducted trainings on cleaner production techniques. The report on the project concluded, ‚Äúit is hope[d]‚Ķthat a donor will be found to fund the establishment of the Rwanda Cleaner Production Programme‚ÄĚ .

The Rwanda RECP centre (RRECPC) was then established in October 2008 as a joint project between UNIDO and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Since then, the center has been able to make progress towards sustainable resource efficient and cleaner production among achievements that follows below:
  • Awareness raising and training were organized for local experts on cleaner production Programme, in 2008 and 2009;
  • Domestic wastes situation in the Southern province and Kigali City assessed;
  • Movable demonstration equipment for the production of high quality of briquettes from suitable bio-waste specified and procurement procedures finalized;
  • The key factories in Kigali City approached (pre-assessment: Utexrwa, Volta-super, Mironko plastic, Kigali Soft drink plant, Rubilizi Dairy, etc..)
  • UNIDO-UNEP joint Programme project document on RECP developed and submitted for funding through One UN;

In addition, the Rwandan Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre (RRECPC) has also the task to ensure that the quality of the services provided to national level and the integration of Rwandan industries in the transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) is adequate.

At the end of medium term programme i.e. 2011- 2013, the RRECPC will also improve the ability of national enterprises to successfully negotiate their position at national and regional markets; and thus their partnership between public and private institutions in country will be improved.

To achieve proper service and financial sustainability, the RRECPC will focus its activities as follows:


  • Continuous awareness raising and increased effectiveness and efficiency of work force;
  • Capacity building and training to stakeholders;
  • CP services delivered and Project demonstration established;
  • To establish a Legal Entity for the centre, Secured funds, Formalize organization, Improve processes & systems and Network on the focused markets;
  • Expand organization, Roll out eco-benefits projects, Increase Government involvement;
  • Roll-out demo-projects on CP, Ensure inclusion of CP in legislation, become independent from donors.
  • Introduce charges for services;