Monday, 26 June 2017
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Mission & Vision
The RRECPC is considered by the Rwandan people as the right organ to promote the production efficiency of the Rwandan industries, environmental management and human development. It is the focal point of CP in the Private Sector Federation in Rwanda for empowering industries, companies and cooperatives in the country and scale up the quality of their goods and services. In the Rwandan industrial policy, the centre emphasized on the inserting of cleaner production component in order to minimize impacts on the environment and nature through reduction of wastes and emissions as well as utilization of the productive use of natural resources.
Be a national and regional independent centre of merit for Resource productivity and Environmental performance of businesses and others key players. This means that the centre will continue to spearhead the adaptation and adoption of Resource efficient and cleaner production methods, technologies, policies and practices to the different stakeholders in Rwanda as well as in the region.