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Worry about environmental degradation due to industries

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Training workshop on energy management through Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production “RECP”Program planned for industries and hotels.- (17 January 2014)
Friday morning, 17th January 2014, at Chez Lando Hotel-Kigali City, Rwanda; The Head of UNIDO Operations opened a training workshop on energy management through Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production “RECP”Program planned for industries and hotels. 

This training workshop of one day has been organized with objective to get sound knowledge and skills in Energy Efficiency, especially in lighting, heating, cooling, air compression and pumping system to improve the productivity. 
Awareness workshop on promoting resource efficient and cleaner production (recp) in schools, hospitals, industries and domestic use. musanze district stakeholders workshop,(19-20 september 2013)
RRECPC has organized a TWO days training workshop on 19-20 September 2013 to present the direct and in-direct benefits from this concept to Musanze district stakeholders in order to make good businesses sense through taking care of energy, water, material, waste and chemicals. The technical and financial support was provided from One UN through UNIDO and UN HABITAT.
The workshop was attended by  stakeholders from various sectors mainly
Health Center
•       Hotels
PSF( Chamber of Industries) and District office representatives
Awareness workshop promotion of cleaner production technologies under lvemp ii-(30th may 2013)
In order to sensitize industries to participate in the cleaner production program under LVEMP II, an Awareness Workshop on Promotion of Cleaner Production technologies was organized by the Ministry of trade and industry, Rwanda Resource efficient and Cleaner Production Center in collaboration with Kenya National Cleaner Production Center and Rwanda Environment Management Authority.
The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness of local enterprises and government institutions on Resource efficient and cleaner production principles and best practices and Lake Victoria Environment Management Project II. 
The broad objective of LVEMP II promotion of cleaner production technologies is to increase the competitiveness of the lake basin enterprises by promoting source reduction of wastes and negative impacts as well as enhancing resource efficiency through the application of cleaner production technologies and techniques. 
Briefing note on Mainstreaming RECP into Policies and Strategies in Rwanda (14-18 February 2011)


The Joint Programme Proposal for Rwanda Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Programme (RRECPP) is part of the Environment component of the ‘One Programme’ of the United Nations in Rwanda. The programme is aimed at laying down the basis for the effective promotion and implementation of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) in Rwanda and thereby contributes to the achievement of MDG-1 on poverty reduction and MDG-7 on environmental sustainability. The programme has four inter-related components which are to be implemented by UNDP, UNIDO, UN-Habitat and UNEP.

Promotion of Resource Efficiency in SMEs Toolkit

UNEP’s project on ‘Promoting Resource Efficiency in SMEs (PRE-SME) in Developing Countries has led to the production of a toolkit on promoting resource efficiency in SMEs. The toolkit is being implemented in SMEs with the active participation of the Network of the National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs). The training on the toolkit in Rwanda Resource Efficient and Responsible Production is being organized as part of scaling-up the dissemination and utilization of the above tools.

Workshop on Environmentally Sound Waste Management and Cleaner Production in Rwanda at Kigali Serena Hotel (31 March 2009)

The Workshop on Environmentally Sound Waste Management and Cleaner Production in Rwanda was organised by Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre and was held on 31 March 2009 at Kigali Serena Hotel, Rwanda. The workshop was opened by the Minister for Infrastructure (MININFRA), Hon. Eng. Linda Bihire and was attended by more than 100 participants from the ministries, districts, private and public sectors and UN agencies.

From left to right, there is Mr.Kalenzi Emmanuel (Head of Unido Operations), Hon.Eng.Linda Bihire (Ministry ofInfrastructure), Mr. Aurelian Agbenonci (the UNDP ResidentRepresentative),Mr. Anthony Ohemeng-Boamah (the UNDP Country Representative).

Training on Cleaner Production Program for the Local Experts in Rwanda ( 23-26 November 2009 )

 A group of 40 participants from various industries in Kigali are undergoing a five-day training on cleaner production that is expected to lower the cost of production and pollution.

Steven Niyonzima, a Cleaner Production expert who is also in charge of the Rwanda Resource and Cleaner Production Centre, said that the training also doubled as a sensitization platform.